Contractor Goes Viral Thanks to Clients' Helpful Dogs

If you're a homeowner, you know how hard it is to find a good contractor. Now imagine finding a contractor who also gets along with your dog!

Contractor Fred Josephsen has been operating his Josephsen Stairfaces and Hardwood Floors company since 2009, but recently he's enjoyed a surge in social media popularity due to his affinity for the his clients' pets.

Josephsen, when able, names a homeowner's dog his 'Employee of the Week' and posts a photo of the friendly pup to his company's Facebook page with a little description of how the canine is 'helping' him.

For example, last October Josephsen uploaded a photo of Miniature Pinscher Frida, writing she was employee of the week "even though she was constantly biting my shoelaces, and trying to persuade me to let her outside."

The Josephsen page began racking up likes after a Tweet from his son on Wednesday went viral with over 98,000 retweets, 279,000 likes and counting!

Since the Tweet, Fred Josephsen has received an outpouring of support and appreciation from the doggoverse. Whether that turns into more business remains to be seen. 

Many users are posting messages on the Facebook page lamenting the fact that they live too far away to hire Josephsen Hardwood Floors.

A few posters, however, seems to have actually worked with Josephsen. Fortunately, those reviews are good, too.

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Photos: Facebook / Stairfaces and Josephsen Hardwood Floors

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