Rare Copy Of 'Super Mario Bros.' Sells For Over 30,000

CEO Drew Steimel of 'DkOldies' said, "A copy of the game typically goes for $10 to $15." The classic video game trader put the copy of the rare sealed 'Super Mario Bros."game up on eBay a week ago at a starting bid of one cent and in the end it sold for $30,100.44! As you can see below in the post from 'DKOldies' on Instagram. 

So what is so special about this particular copy? Steimel said the knowledgeable collectors at the NintendoAge forum had the answer.

"They said the reason that game went for so much was because Mario was always sold in the system," Steimel said. "You bought it with the system, it came in the box. This particular copy was from before that happened, before Nintendo decided to bundle them. They only did it for a short time." There are only about a dozen of sealed copies of Super Mario Bros. a  member of NintendoAge estimated.

Source: Instagram.com/dkoldies

The hangtag on the back of the game confirms its a super-early copy of Super Mario Bros. meaning it was meant to be sold on store racks, not bundled in with the NES. 

As you can see in the picture below:

Source: DkOldies/Ebay

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