My Big Birthday Thank You

I’m not one to do a big birthday celebration.. However I do feel like birthdays are a significant day in the year to reflect and think about your life… where you have been, where you are going, and who you are traveling with. 

I’ve done a lot of dumb things in my life… I can sometimes be a mess.. And I don’t have all the answers.. But the one thing I feel I’ve done right is surrounded myself with the right people. And each birthday that goes by I am reminded that I have SO much love in my life… and that’s not something I take for granted.

I put a lot of time & effort and energy into the relationships in my life…. I work hard to keep a solid foundation & when I reflect on how amazing these people are I get so emotional.

My family, for being a SOLID rock. I would be NOTHING without them. And quite frankly, they’ve had to deal with my craziness the longest!

My friends, truly the most incredible people on the planet. They love me for who I am, they support me in everything I do, they encourage me to keep moving forward, and they help pick up the pieces when life gets me down.

My coworkers,  I often think I really straddle the line of appropriate with my work relationships. These people have become like family to me…. It’s a DREAM come true to be working where I am and I am so thankful for all their love & support.

Our LISTNERS, you’ve been on this wild ride with me… You’ve seen something special in me when I didn’t see it myself. You’re stuck by me through so many embarrassing moments, and you’ve held my hand through some vulnerable moments. You listen, you offer your advice, you are so invested & I am eternally grateful.

So this is a giant thank you message.

I am excited to start a new season of my life…..

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