The Best Types Of French Fries

July 13th is officially National French Fry Day, which only makes us hungry for all the fries. In Los Angeles where you can get anything from Animal Style Fries to Truffle Fries on every corner, there’s almost too many fries to choose from. But don’t fret, we’re here to help! Here’s a look at our favorite french fries and the best places to get them locally. 

Waffle Fries

Within the last decade, the rise of the waffle fry has overshadowed many of its predecessors, from the shoestring to the curly fry. Its broad appeal probably stems from its look-a-like, the waffle, which is a breakfast classic and an ode to afterschool Eggo commercials. It's crunchy, buttery, and hard to dip in sauce containers but the challenge makes it worth it.

Where to get it: The Waffle, 6255 W Sunset Blvd. 

This place has it all: red velvet waffles, gluten-free waffles, waffle sandwiches, and of course, waffle fries. With a hardcore allegiance to the waffle theme, The Waffle is a diner that excels in its ability to invent and perfect every type of waffle possible, earning it an A+ for its waffle fry game.

Truffle Fries

If we’re talking about Los Angeles, we have to keep it classy. Truffle fries are not your usual run-of-the-mill side dish. They’re expensive, light in oil, and refined in taste and quality. Restaurants in LA usually add truffle fries to their menu for casual eaters, but there’s something unique about this dish that makes it delicious and completely irresistible.

Where to get it: BlaqHaus, 11665 Victory Blvd.

BlaqHaus is most known for their sliders and sandwiches, but they don’t skimp out on the fries. Their truffle fries are made with parmesan and mojito herbs, making this dish a delicious and sizable side portion. 

Animal Style Fries

In-N-Out is the penultimate creator of the secret menu. Every new discovery sends the internet into a frenzy and makes people go crazy to try the entire menu out (4x4’s anyone?) You can order both burgers and fries in animal style, but the fries reign supreme. Animal style fries are a hearty tray of french fries that come with melted cheese, grilled onions, and a mountain of In-N-Out sauce. This is definitely a fork dish, but the relentless usually have all hands in.

Where to get it: In-N-Out, with 25 locations in Los Angeles

Curly Fries

Curly fries come in variable shapes and sizes, but the appeal of curly fries is the vast amount of fry you can get in one bite. Fast food chains such as Jack In The Box go full coil for a screw-like fry, whereas some places, like Top Round Roast Beef, go for a loose curl.

Where to eat it: Top Round Roast Beef, 1000 S La Brea Ave.

Roast beef and curly fries go hand-in-hand at Top Round. These famous roast beef sandwiches can be ordered with a savory side of cheese fries, gravy fries, or dirty fries (a sinfully rich mix of gravy, cheese, caramelized onions, and Top Round sauce). To top it all off, Top Round is also known for its frozen custards which are made in house and topped with every candy and syrup you can think of.

Sweet Potato Fries

This is by far the most popular fry of the decade. Sweet potato fries entered the mainstream as a healthy alternative to its brother, the regular french fry. Vegan chains like Veggie Grill and Native Foods Cafe were the first to capitalize on the sweet potato fry, but soon, every hotspot in town was opting for the sweeter version of this savory classic.

Where to get it: Father’s Office, 3229 Helms Ave.

The gastropub scene is alive and well near Culver City where Father’s Office is getting major praise for its sweet potato fries. Their Sweet Potato Frites in a Basket comes with roasted garlic and cabrales blue cheese aioli sauces, which make them super shareable with friends after work.

Tater Tots

Tater tots were first seen as a child’s meal, but they’ve reinvented themselves into a gastropub must-have. The key to making great tater tots is thinking outside the box. In fact, tater tots are simply the foundation of layered dishes that include bacon, carne asada, truffles, and more. With Korean fusion twists and exotic flavors being added to tater tots, it’s clear why creativity and talent are needed to win the tot game.

Where to get it: The Black Sheep, 126 E 6th St.

The Black Sheep has created a range of tater tot dishes that appeal to every eater. For fancy foodies, their cheese truffle tots are a fun twist on the exquisite oil. For late night cravings, the carne asada tots with bacon provide that necessary satisfaction. Lastly, meat eaters and fans of The Hat will get a hoot from their pastrami tots and bacon chili cheese tots.

Potato Wedges

The art of the thick fry is maintaining width without losing flavor in each bite. Potato wedges are more often reserved for supermarket sides, but there’s a few restaurants in Los Angeles that take wedges to a whole new level.

Where to get it: The Golden State, 426 N Fairfax Ave.

A good wedge should have more potato than fry, and The Golden State nails it right on the head. They take a sweet potato twist on their dish, which can make it seem more like fried pieces of sweet potato, but the retention of flavor and seasoning makes this one of the best wedges in Los Angeles.

Shoestring Fries

The thinnest fry of all excels at being the side dish, not the meal. With some of our other contenders above, many of them are layered with meats and gravy, making them a whole course, essentially. However, shoestring fries know who they are. They compliment the meal, and with the occasional splash of seasoning, make it complete.

Where to get it: The Counter, multiple locations in Los Angeles

The Counter is the first of its kind to offer massive build-your-own-burgers, but they also have an extensive side dish menu that appeals to all potato lovers. Their shoestring fries succeed by adhering to simple standards and serving the burger itself. Moreover, if you’re an onion ring fan, their crispy onion strings can be topped on any burger for a sharper taste.

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