Next Up Artist of the Week: R5

WHO: Our Next Up Artist of the Week is R5!

WHY: These musically-included siblings are quickly moving up the charts. The pop/rock band is made up of the Lynch siblings, Ross, Rocky, Rydel, Riker and family friend Ellington Ratliff. Ellington goes by his last name to keep up with the band mates whose names all begin with "R." Get it, R5?! The band throws together "Jam Nights" at their house where they set up drums, and amps in their living rooms and play music with their friends. These guys are just downright COOL. 

Check out R5's EP New Additions HERE

FUN FACT: If they could eat one food for the rest of their lives... here's what they would eat:

Rocky: Macaroni and Cheese

Rydel: Hamburger

Ratliff: Pizza

Ross: French toast

Riker: Cheeseburger

R5 will be performing at The Glasshouse on July 16! Get your tickets here. 

Watch R5 perform "Lay Your Head Down" and a cover of Niall Horan's "Slow Hands" below!

Watch R5's interview with Alex below:

Watch R5's music video for "IF" below:

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