Fans Had An Adele Sing-A-Long After She Cancelled Remainder Of Her Tour

Source: Getty

I'm sure you've heard the sad news that Adele had to cancel the last TWO shows of her tour. She literally did 121 shows and couldn't get through the last two because of her vocal chords. Peep the statement she made on her insta over the weekend....

It's so bittersweet because obviously her fans were probably SO excited to see her and were bummed, but they are also feeling for her during this time. 

It looks like they didn't let their spirits too low, they had a sing-a-long over the weekend in front of the stadium all for their girl Adele. They posted TONS of videos on social media with the hashtag #singforadele.

SO sweet, I hope she saw these and it cheered her up. Rest your voice girlfriend, until then we are all singing for you!

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