JoJo Took On His FIRST EDC!


Spectacular! That's how I would describe my first EDC experience, simply spectacular! 

Most people were shocked to learn that I've never been to EDC, others were shocked I was actually going. Here's another shocker, this is my first festival... EVER! (other than iHeart) 

What an experience! To say I enjoyed it would be an understatement, and coming from a guy that is a bit jaded, that's saying something. Bumping into friends is always special, but you want me to camp out overnight in a desert, are you insane? Wrong! It was amazing! I don't want to come across as a rooty tooty snob (I made that up), but I've been in this industry for quite some time, it takes a lot to impress me. Well done Insomniac... IMPRESSED!

I suppose the helicopter ride to the venue was a great start! Talk about a different perspective on Vegas, if you get the chance to take a copter to EDC, do it!

Part of what was so special, the people! Not only the friends I bumped into, but complete strangers who all seemed to want nothing more than peace, love, and perhaps a hug. (obviously the outfits were beyond words)

Clearly I loved seeing familiar faces, bumping into Martin always a good time! I particularly enjoyed seeing him in his element, as I usually see him in my studio. Such a great, friendly dude, and his performance... HOLY DAMN!!!

Another friendly face was my bud Zedd! We chat quite often but to see him, middle of the night, in the desert, a beautiful thing. He's such a good human, really appreciate him! And yes, his performance... HOLY DAMN!!!

Saw the Galantis guys prior to their show, their buddy Hans offered me some Russian Water (pretty sure it wasn't water). 

I also met a few new artists earlier in my hotel room. No, not in a creepy way, we scheduled a few interviews for the room. Huge shouts to Bro Safari, Armanni Reign and Valentino Khan! After meeting Valentino, he emailed me his new Katy remix (which she will be releasing soon), be on the look out for that!!! 

I have plans to meet with Major Lazer/Diplo, Dillon Francis this afternoon, and Marshmello later tonight. Will keep you updated on my adventures in the desert and all things EDC so stay close to our site and socials.

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