Heading to EDC? You NEED This Insomniac Apparel

Credit: Insomniac

So you have your ticket to EDC, you made it to Las Vegas... and now you have to get Insomniac's merch. 

Insomniac, the dance music and experience company (who puts together all of your favorite music festivals) collaborated with designer and artist Rick Klotz. 

CEO and founder of Insomniac, Pasquale Rotella said, “In the early days, there was a synergy between dance music and culture, whereas now I don’t really feel that culture is being reflected in fashion like it used to be — my vision was to make that into a reality.”

That he did. Rotella and Klotz got together and combined Los Angeles' dance music culture with throwback '90s styles with modern rave fashion. Driving the inspiration from the original Second Summer of Love in 1998. 

The collection is available now at insomniacshop.com. Prices range from $7 to $80. 

Credit: Insomniac
Credit: Insomniac


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