People Are Using Coca-Cola As Tanning Oil And That's A Major No-No

Okay so now that it's almost the summer solstice, we're all thinking about getting that perfect summer glow, right?

Apparently some people are achieving summer goddess appearance with the help of using Coca-Cola has tanning oil but I'm going to send out a PSA to everyone right now - it's a REALLY bad idea.

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So the issue is, while you may get temporary color thanks to the caramel-colored dye, Coke has absolutely 0 SPF... because, you know, it's a drink?

So that means you're coating your body in a literal soda and then exposing yourself to harmful UV rays with absolutely no protection!

And let's face it, all tans are bad for your skin health at the end of the day. 

So maybe this summer is time we embrace the faux-bronze for the sake of our skin, eh?

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