There Is Actually A Reason Why You Buy So Much During Your Target Runs

How many times have you gone into Target for one or two things you actually need and then walked out with TONS of bags after spending 200 dollar?! Yup, probably more times than I'd like to admit. But, I know I am NOT alone here and that there may be a reason behind these crazy Target runs.

Bet you didn't notice that Target doesn't play any music in the stores. Think about it, crazy right?! Turns out music actually increases productivity according to research, so maybe the lack of music is to blame for wandering aimlessly through the isles.

Target is currently testing music playlists in 65 stores - the playlist is described to be upbeat, positive, and playful! They plan to add music in 180 stores by the end of the year. Which is LITERALLY music to my ears. 


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