Is There A Giraffe In This Video Or Not?!

So, there's this very innocent video on the internet where a family finds out the gender of their baby by hitting a "golf ball" that explodes with a colored powder to reveal the gender!

But then something weird happens.

The dad jumps over bushes and takes a victory lap, and we catch a glimpse of a golf course AND SOME STRANGE CREATURE RUNNING ACROSS THE COURSE?!

You just need to watch this and please tell me if this is a giraffe or WHAT???


People are very, very confused.


Or if its not a giraffe what the heck is it?


Or perhaps a mythical creature?!


Then people pointed out it might literally be a man playing golf, carrying his golf bag on his back...


But we're just not here for that kind of negativity. 


And then, there's this very important question...


Perhaps we may never know the truth.

But for now let's all agree that this is some crazy kind of golf course where giraffes roam free. Cool? Cool.

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Thumbnail: Getty Images


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