Today Is Such A Good Day In New Music

Happy Friday everyone!!

Fridays are great because of the upcoming weekend, but l love them even more because we get NEW music. And this week is especially amazing.

Check out all your new favorite songs:

Fifth Harmony 'Down' - the girls are back with their first single since the group became a quartet after Camila Cabello left in December. And the song is FIRE. 


It's the perfect summer jam for getting ready to go out with your girls or hanging by the pool or DOING LITERALLY ANYTHING.

These girls are proving they are SO ready for a new era of 5H!

Julia Michaels "Uh Huh" - finally we're getting Julia's follow up single to her debut 'Issues' and the best way to describe this song is ~cool~ because Julia has all the cool girl vibes without even trying.

The sound is totally different from other pop songs on the radio but it just WORKS. We haven't heard anything new like this in quite a minute.


Lorde "Perfect Places" - of course this is the perfect additional preview of Lorde's upcoming album Melodrama. I think this one proves she's REALLY hit her stride and found her voice on this album. It's so Lorde and so authentic to her sound AND still what we would all call a "BOP"


Lorde also called this song one of her favorites from the upcoming album. So I really CANNOT wait for the full release!

Halsey hopeless fountain kingdom we're finally getting a taste of Halsey and her music post-Badlands. I haven't listened through the ENTIRE album yet, but I am loving what I have heard. 

Notable moments: the first track "The Prologue" is Halsey reciting the opening from Romeo and Juliet which sets the entire tone for the album.

Of course her song "Strangers" with Lauren from Fifth Harmony is one people are LOVING and another must-listen is "Bad At Love".

She shared this photo on Instagram at the release of the album:


There's tons of other new music that we are LOVING this week but these are just some highlights - what are your favorite new songs today?!

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