Jonas Brothers' First Festival Reunion at Wango Tango

The Jonas Brothers Visit KISS FM

The heartthrob Disney boy band, Jonas Brothers claimed in February that they would reunite but nobody expected them to be touring and releasing an album only a few months after their statement. The late-teen superstars dropped their “Sucker” single in March and instantly reached the top of the charts as their old fans revealed themselves and began to avidly follow the members of the band once again. The Jonas Brothers have recently performed on NBC’s Billboard Music Awards as well as The Voice and are continuing to steamroll their ways through the minds of their old and new supporters as they rebuild a name for themselves.

Embarking on this new journey of theirs, the Jonas Brothers have announced that they are making an album which is set to release in June. Next season will be filled with their pop tunes as they are smartly choosing to drop their set-list of tracks during the perfect seasonal time of great weather which inevitably means many beach trips. Their next album, Happiness Begins is debuting in one of the hottest and brightest months of the year (June) and there is no coincidence detected in that, as they are preparing to be the Summer album of 2019 which is very fitting for their musical sound and identity as a world-renowned boy band.

While, the final components of the production of their newest album are underway; the Jonas Brothers performance at Wango Tango is going to be memorable and definitely full of childhood nostalgia for some eager fans.

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