JVKE Talks 'Upside Down', Charli D'Amelio, TikTok & More!

TikToker JVKE joined EJ for an virtual interview to talk about his song "Upside Down", TikTok and so much more!

You may have seen JVKE while scrolling on TikTok, making beats to songs with his mom. But now one of the songs he made is starting to gain more attention than JVKE would have expected.

The song "Upside Down" started as a 15 second mashup and it took off on TikTok, especially after Chali D'Amelio posted about the song. From there, JVKE rushed to finish the song and it turned into an upbeat breakup song. And now over 15.1 million people have used the song on TikTok

I still feel like everything hasn't hit me yet. The fact that these people are using my sound... whenever I see stuff like that or my sound pops up on my For You page, I'm like wait, this sounds familiar. Actually this is my song! I'll see it and be like this just doesn't feel real, it's just crazy! So this whole thing has been a surprise to me.

Check out the full interview below.

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