Simon Huck Has You Covered For Every TMI Emergency & Natural Emergency

We all know I'm prone to being TMI and having those convos when it comes to anything bathroom related and let's just say I've met my match in Simon Huck.

Simon is the founder and CEO of Judy, an in-case-of-emergency kit startup that is promising to be “Ready for Anything.” The curated disaster boxes based on where people live are truly life savers and I highly recommend checking them out here and ordering them for friends and family this holiday season.

Simon recently launched Judy for your booty for those unexpected bathroom emergencies and also happens to be BFFs with some of our favorite celebrities and recently launched a new podcast, Contact Emergency, that gives you a closer look inside their lives.

Watch back our iHeart The Vibe interview above to learn all about it and sound off on social: Who would your dream emergency contact be?

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