How I Stay Motivated to Work Out Every Day

Credit: Tanya Rad/Instagram

Credit: Tanya Rad/Instagram

I was answering some questions on Instagram and wanted to share further what I learned from Teddi Mellencamp that has truly changed my life when being able to stick to my routine.

A follower asked me: "What are your recommended first steps to being active EVERY day? I'm struggling with motivation."

With quarantine, I feel you girl. It can be hard to get motivated when your gym or beloved class has been closed for months, but, you have to make time for yourself!

My tips are:

  1. Put it in your calendar like you would a meeting.
  2. Make it fun.
  3. Just do it. Teddi Mellencamp always told me to do what you can, but to always, always, always show up for yourself.

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