Next Up Artist Of The Week: Jackson Wang

Jackson Wang is our Next Up Artist of the Week! He joined EJ for a virtual interview about feeling insecure in quarantine, his new single "100 Ways" and more!

When asked about what Jackson has learned about himself in quarantine, he explained he's been thinking about what is the big picture he's been chasing after.

While I was reflecting on myself, I thought of a lot of things. What is really happiness to me along this path? I have always been very clear on my vision in this journey but then what is that exact picture that I'm really chasing after and what is really happiness to me? I kept thinking about it and I got to know myself a little bit more. The standard of happiness for everybody is different.

Jackson's time at home the past couple months was a way for him to take pressure off himself when he's usually always on the move.

I think I was just insecure because I thought if I rest, maybe I'll get too comfortable and then I will not be able to keep up the pace. I don't know, it's just some crazy emotions. I feel like there's another me inside me when I'm resting telling me to be productive.

EJ also asked Jackson about his latest single "100 Ways" and what it's about.

First of all, I love learning about everyone's culture and at the same time sharing my culture, that's why I decided to present this body of work through a Chinese, ancient Romeo and Juliet-theme. So it's about me falling in love with this girl and we couldn't be together in real life so in the after life I went to find my lover with my people and I found her just to tell her you're everything to me.

Check out Jackson Wang's full interview with EJ below!

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