I Highly Recommend This Meditation & Podcast Led by Jay Shetty

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

My girlfriend Raquelle organized a small group to do a guided meditation with Jay Shetty the other day.

Now if you don't know Jay Shetty brings me all kinds of inspiration through his work. He's a vlogger, author, former monk, motivational speaker, and he has a GREAT podcast! (See below to stream it)

So I was THRILLED to do this zoom meditation.

What I didnt realize was how much I got out of this 15 minute pause in my day. I felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and alive.

I knew right then and there I needed to make a change in my daily routine. I needed to incorporate meditation.

Jay suggested finding just two 10-minute windows in your day to do this.

He also suggested doing it around the same time each day to stick to it.

But, since my daily schedule is very not regular, I have decided to attempt to schedule this 10 minute meditation before bed.

That said, I'm having a REALLY hard time sticking to it daily, but I know in the long run this is going to be so great for me! 

What apps do you guys use to meditate? How long do you do it for? is there a better time of day to do it than before bed? Because mornings are not an option for me..

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