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People Are Adding Salt To Their Coffee

a man and a woman clinking white coffee mugs in cafe

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Many people like to add a little bit of sugar or cream in their coffee first thing in the morning. But did you know that there are people who add salt instead?

Salted coffee recently became a trend again, and many people wonder if it benefits the beverage in any way. As it turns out, salted coffee indeed has some benefits.

The bizarre-sounding hack has recently been making a stir on TikTok.

Experts like food scientist Alton Brown agree — Brown was a vocal advocate for the idea on his former Food Network show, Good Eats, enough that some joe drinkers are known to refer to the move as the “Alton Brown trick.”

And in entire countries like Taiwan, sea salt-blended coffees are an everyday treat, found on menus in Taiwanese cafes and bakeries all around the world, including in the United States.

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