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'Sober Bars' Selling Fancy Mocktails Are Booming All Across the Country

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Many Americans are taking a break from alcohol after the holidays and taking part in Dry January. But many people about changing their lifestyles and igniting a national conversation about sobriety and healthy living.

Sober bars across the country, selling alcohol-free cocktails are year-round staples and now Dry January is more than just a trend. 

"Mixed drinks at many sober bars cropping up in major cities throughout the US are nearly indistinguishable from their boozy counterparts — colorful, well-presented, and packed with interesting flavor. In most cases, a good non-alcoholic cocktail runs about the same price as a liquor-based drink, which sober bar owners told Insider is proving not to be an issue for customers."

Most sober bars offer selections of alcohol alternatives that go beyond the typical non-alcoholic beer, finding a niche serving non-alcoholic wine, spirits, and especially cocktails. 

Each sober bar puts its own spin on the idea of an alcohol-free cocktail, business owners told Insider. While some stick to standard recipes, using ingredients like non-alcoholic spirits to create one-to-one replicas of classic cocktails, others take the opportunity to experiment and create unique drinks that stand completely on their own merit. 

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