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Dirty Shirley Is Making A Comeback, And Might Be The Cocktail Of The Summer

Pink cocktail with ice cubes

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The Dirty Shirley is making a comeback, and its all because of the latest drink craze on TikTok.

The cocktail gained wild exposure when user Courtney Shae, who often shares bartending videos, posted a TikTok video in September of the mocktail-turned-cocktail. It's made up of all the staple ingredients of a classic Shirley Temple — sprite, grenadine and a signature maraschino cherry — but spiked with vodka. The post, which got over six million views, has sparked a viral trend across the platform. 

Since then, the twist on a childhood favorite has popped up all over social media. The New York Times has even speculated that the Dirty Shirley will be the drink of the summer, while TikTok users have called it the new espresso martini.

The Dirty Shirley has evolved into different iterations as its gained online traction. Some TikTokers have added a squeeze of lime juice in their version and others have made it "skinny" by adding diet Sprite. 

Will you be ordering a Dirty Shirley this summer?!

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