This Video of Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac Has the Internet Obsessed


Photo: Credit: Getty Images

If anyone listening right now wants to wow their significant other, you’re gonna want to take note of this move! Everyone was sending me this video of Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac from the Venice International Film Festival this weekend and I'm so here for these two.

They're starring in a new HBO series called Scenes From a Marriage coming out Sept 12 and they were on the red carpet together served up some serious heat.

It is the most romantic video I think I’ve watched it 100 times…

Watch the video & then re-create this move on your s/o and I promise … it will do something things!!!

For the record, Jessica and Oscar are both married to other people so this isn’t like a new romance, but I know nothing about this show & I legit have Sept 12 in my calendar!

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