Would You Actually Want a 'Friends' Reboot or Revival?

If you are a Friends stan, I have some questions for you about the reunion which airs today!

We've been waiting for this reunion for what feels like forever. The OG 6 cast members get together to talk behind the scenes all things friends and there are some celeb guest stars as well.

Lisa Kudrow actually said she was fangirling over Justin Bieber which is so wild to me. I also know Taylor Swift is a big Friends fan. I remember when she brought out Kudrow on her 1989 tour to sing “Smelly Cat” so I bet Taylor will be watching tonight….

But here’s my question: If they decided to do a Friends reboot, would you want to see it?

For me personally, I dont want that show to be touched in any way. I don’t want a reboot with the OG cast. I don’t want a revival with a new younger cast either. I want that show to stay in its pure form for ever and ever and ever.

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