If You Could Take Anything From Your Favorite TV Show Set What Would It Be?

Credit: Getty Images

If you could take anything from your favorite TV show set, what would it be? The Friends reunion is officially airing next Thursday on HBO Max & it’s honestly all I’ve been able to think about. Everyone is wondering what the show is going to look like and we kinda have a little more of an idea.

This was just their second time fully together since the finale aired in 2004. They shot it over 2 days & they just reminisce about the series, a morning after re-hash like you do with your friends.

They talk about who were the biggest flirts and everyone said David and Jen! And they avoided the question of if there was a real romance going on between Ross & Rachel!!!

They also all talked about things they took from the set: Lisa Kudrow kept her rings & wore them to the reunion.

Jennifer Aniston kept one of Monica's dresses. She still has it and wears it to this day!!!

So it got me thinking if you could take anything from your favorite show what would it be?

I would take the wedding post-it from Meredith and Derek from Grey’s Anatomy. I love that thing so much!

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