The Powerful Reason You Should Come to Terms With Your Bikini Body

I shared this on Instagram but wanted to share here as well because it's so important for us to spread self-love.

I had an up & down relationship with my body a good chunk of my life. Wished things were leaner, longer, smaller... skin was tanner - you name it. Every/any picture I posted in a bikini was FaceTuned or filtered. I know size is relative (to some I’m small, to some I’m whatever) but for me - I’m just me.

I’m saying this because I got to a point in my life where eating clean & working out did more for my mental state & kept me strong to carry a hefty workload.

So I’m posting these pics sans facetune or filter cuz I wish I loved my body this way my entire life. Taking back my control & defining my own narrative Join me! #Raditude

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