5 Reasons You Should Never Hit The 'Snooze' Button

Credit: Pexels

Credit: Pexels

I never ever hit the snooze button and this is why you shouldn't either. Decide what time you really need to get up and set your alarm for that time. Get up and get your day going -- no matter how tired you are!

According to the experts over at Self.com there are tons of benefits too from not hitting snooze:

  1. Not hitting snooze reminds you what to want to prioritize–quality vs. quantity.
  2. It forces you to plan the night before which means you're already off to a great, organized day.
  3. It eliminates excuses.
  4. It makes you commit. You're already up and at 'em!
  5. It also reminds you to slow down somedays. OK, everyone can use some more sleep so one day on the weekend the experts recommend you forego the alarm entirely and let yourself wake up naturally.

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