ZAYN Sent an Album Promo Truck to My House! Here Are My Favorite New Tracks

Credit: Tanya Rad

Credit: Tanya Rad

Surprise! ZAYN released an album, Nobody Is Listening, on Friday and it is FIREEE!!!!

He did something pretty cool too: He sent a truck around for some people to get to "experience" the music IRL (as much as possible in a pandemic.)

It was such a cool experience, this truck rolling up to my door was pretty legit. I also heard it took them 40 minutes to sanitize in between home visits! (Appreciate the safety & care!)

So here are my early favorites off the album:

"Windowsill" (this might be my #1 fav... I cannot get enough of it!)

"When Love's Around"


"Outside "

and of course the single "Vibez" -- SO GOOD BABY!

What are your favs? 

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