5 Fun, Cool Ideas to Safely Celebrate Halloween at Home This Year

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Whether you were looking forward to dressing up for parties this year or taking your kids trick-or-treating, Halloween doesn’t have to be ruined this year given the socially safe restrictions and bans being placed in some areas like Los Angeles.

Below are 5 ideas I came across that you can still enjoy to celebrate Halloween safely this year!

1. Zoom Costume Contest -- With a Legit Prize

I know, I know. Zoom happy hours are a thing of quarantine past but the idea would still be so fun to get dressed up knowing you will see everyone and perhaps win a prize? Make the prize something you and your girlfriends would love: a chic candle, a nice bottle of wine, etc.

2. Go “Ghosting”

I love this idea and it’s totally Tanya-approved: Create a treat bag of goodies for a friend or neighbor and leave it on their doorstep with a note inside to pass it on (as in, create a new treat bag and "ghost" someone else). It's a festive way to spread some socially distanced holiday cheer.

3. Create Your Own Haunted Mansion and Trick-or-Treat Inside:

Have kids or family or roomies living within your house and quaranteam? Create your own haunted mansion and trick-or-treat inside! Have each person pick a room or space and go all out. Decorate with spooky lights and decor and even tasty treats. Plus, kids can still go around to each individual door to trick-or-treat — you can even make a closet work!

4. Make Spooky Snacks and Binge Movies

Honestly, getting into the holiday spirit can be as easy as making spooky-looking snacks. There are TONS of ideas on Pinterest and you can pop on the TV to binge Halloween classics.

5. Host a Tarot Card Reading!

Like we did with Seacrest on-air, light a few candles and see what's in the cards for your future. You can hire a professional to do a private Tarot consultation on Zoom and even have friends join too!

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