How to Make an Olivia Culpo-Approved Halloween Cake

Credit: Tanya Rad

Credit: Tanya Rad

I literally made this cake because I’ve watched Olivia Culpo do it so many times on Instagram. I thought, 'Hey, I could totally do that.'

So, here’s what you need:

Four 8-inch round baking pans

One 2-inch circle cookie cutout

Cake mix


Spooky candy / and Halloween colored sprinkles or whatever you want for the inside

I used pre-made boxed cake mix and frosting since I’m not the best baker and wanted to start simple.


To make the cake, bake four 8-inch round cakes.

The bottom layer, coat with frosting once it has cooled.

The second layer, you want to use the 2-inch circle cookie cutout to cut out the middle of the cake. Then place the second layer with a hole in it on top of the first and cover with the frosting.

Repeat step two with the third cake/layer by cutting out the hole etc. Then coat with frosting again and pour in the candy in the middle of the hole.

Close the hole and complete the cake with the fourth layer by placing on top and covering with frosting.

Add sprinkles and other cute cake toppers and BOOM! You're done!

Let me know if you try it via social @TanyaRad

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