Sharing Recipes: My Quarantine Breakfast/Snack Go-To

So I am NO cook, in fact, before COVID-19 quarantine, my idea of cooking consisted of making daily salads. So I’m not even gonna try and act like I am, however, I have discovered some SUPER easy recipes that I have been enjoying and I wanted to compile a list of them for you guys that I'll be sharing here throughout the week.

Let's start with my new go-to easy, healthy and yummy breakfast or snack:

3-ingredient oat balls!

I make these with blueberries and they can be a very easy breakfast or snack -- or even a cookie if you toss some chocolate chips in there! This recipe from Raquel above is literally the EASIEST and they are BOMB!

You can make the fruit version for breakfast and add chocolate chips to the leftover oats for a cookie later.

Try making them and keep me posted on social @TanyaRad and stay tuned for my lunch and dinner recipes. What recipes have you been trying? Let me know!

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