How to Make Your Own Quarantine Sushi at Home!

Day 5005945834958 of quarantine but that won’t stop me from having date nights with my cutie little angel!

I really wanted to have a fun sushi making night, but I always felt like it was so much “to do” to be worth it, but, let me tell you, it is actually REALLY EASY!!! And not to mention SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here’s what you need:

Sushi grade sashimi

Short grain rice

Seaweed sheets (Nori)

Rice Wine Vinegar (just a little bit)


Sushi rolling mat

*whatever you want to put inside your rolls (we did cucumber & avocado)

*don’t forget your sauces (we used Tamari, Yuzu, and Ponzu sauces)


If you live in Los Angeles there is a store called Fish King that had the most incredible fish and all the supplies you could need! We were even able to buy the sticky rice pre-made from them so we skipped the making rice step.

Check them out here:

Here are some amazon links for reference too:

Bamboo rolling mat

short grain rice

seaweed sheets

And, of course, here’s how to do it:

Lay the sushi rolling mats down & place a piece of saran wrap on top

Put your seaweed on top

Put your rice on top (use less rice than you think cuz as you roll it collects)

Add your toppings to the edge (fish, veggies, tofu, sauces etc)

Then you roll (without including the saran wrap & rolling mat)

Use the rice wine vinegar to seal the sushi together & cut!

It’s so easy and so clean and SOOO YUMMMYYY!!!

Watch a tutorial here too.

Good luck! LMK if you try it @TanyaRad and @OnAirWithRyan

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