Tanya Rad Has a Big Announcement for Ryan Seacrest

Tanya Rad has a big announcement for Ryan Seacrest, she teased on-air on Wednesday, February 5, and it has to do with love 😱.

Seacrest explained on-air that Tanya texted him the night before teasing she has to tell him something.

“Last night at 8:09 p.m. she says ‘I have something happy to tell you, but I want to tell you on the air. I just wanted to text you so you know I’m excited to tell you,’” Seacrest shared. “So 8:09 p.m. she texts me to tell me she can’t tell me! What is the psychology behind that?”

Tanya hilariously explained that she wanted to hit up Ryan so that he didn’t get mad about being “out of the loop” with the radio fam.

“I responded with ‘Engaged?’” Ryan continued. “Because she has this S.O.S text coming in so I think extreme and she says ‘❤️ No.’ … So what the heck?”

Tanya concluded that she has “something planned” and it’ll be a “presentation of sorts" once she tells him.

What do you think it is? Sound off on social @OnAirWithRyan and stay tuned for tomorrow’s show!

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