Did Lucy Hale Read My Workbook? The Possible Proof!

Our girl Lucy Hale is on the cover of Cosmopolitan this month and she had some really great nuggets of wisdom!

She said when she was younger she constantly wanted to be with or date someone because she was deathly afraid of being single or by herself …

Now she’s at the point where if she meets someone, they better really elevate her life, because she loves being single.

I love that Lucy is owning this because I was the exact same way: I never wanted to go to events by myself; I went from dude to dude; and then there was like one day when I was like “This season of life is pretty freaking awesome!”

She also said her “pattern” was dating the bad boy and trying to fix them which I think is super relatable.

Another nugget I felt significant to share: She said “you can be nice but not boring. Nice but not a dud.”

I may be going on limb here but it sounds to me like Lucy did the “Calling In the One” workbook because she seems like she’s in the exact same headspace I felt when I finished the workbook! (Click here to learn about my workbook.)

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