Behind-the-Scenes Our First ‘Scrubbing In’ Live Show!


I have to say, we had our very first live Scrubbing In With Becca Tilley and Tanya Rad show this weekend in San Francisco and it was more than I had even imagined it to be!

First of all, the energy that came from the audience was nothing I’ve ever experienced. I was so excited running through the crowd in the beginning that I ran into a speaker and totally cut myself!

Then when Becca & I started the show I got super emotional. I couldn’t believe all these incredible people had spent their money & Saturday night hanging with us…

But once we got the emotions out of the way it was NONSTOP FUN!!!!!

We played a game of “Truth Or Drink” where we answered listener questions & if we don’t want to answer we take a shot!

Another highlight? We had Dr. Taryn Helm from Grey’s Anatomy come out to surprise the crowd & she brought pink scrubs with her!

We danced it out and we danced with you guys and it was the most joyous/fun experience I could have ever asked for!

We started the night off with a group prayer & ended it meeting so many of our listeners and honestly it was just so so beautiful.

Thank you to our entire Scrubbing In team for making it all happen and thank you to our listeners for giving so much love.

I cannot get over that experience!!!

And we can't wait to do it again! We'll be holding our second-ever live show in Los Angeles next at The Roxy on February 13. Click here for tickets.

Listen back to the San Francisco show below:

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