"Friends" Fans I Have Some Good News & Some Bad News For You


Friends fans we need to talk! So, according to Jennifer Aniston a reboot of the show is NOT happening. The actor was asked point-blank on Ellen this week if there are plans to revive the beloved series and she said, "A reboot of the show?...No."

That's the bad news, no Friends reboot. But, the good news is the cast is working on something together. It just hasn't fully formed yet. Jenn revealed they are trying and working on something!


Now we will have to wait and wonder what it is! I wouldn't mind a Friends reality show, kinda like the IRL version - filming their dinners etc. Or if we could see behind the scenes of a "goddess circle" between Jenn, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow. I would be SO fulfiled.

Final idea, a traveling live podcast! The cast would set up Central Perk on a stage, fans could sit, watch and interact with them! I would 100000% buy a ticket to that.

What are your ideas? @TanyaRad on socials. ❤️


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Tanya Rad

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