Could You Date An Actor, Like Ben Affleck?


Ben Affleck was apparently looking for love on the "celeb" dating app Raya. But, I came to find out that this source is now saying he's no longer on the app so that's a bummer. I do have good news though!

This report also said that Ben seems to want a real partner and is NOT looking to date a celeb. He's in a really great space right now but he is ready to be in love again.

My first thought was, heck YES! I love Ben Affleck and I think he's such a catch. But, more importantly it got me an actor. Doing so I often have in the back of my mind, are you acting or is this really how you feel? Or am I overthinking this and it's like any other profession where you turn it off when you're not working.

For example, my dad is psychiatrist and everyone always asked me, did he always psycho analyze you? Honestly, I never saw that side of him, he was just a loving dad to me! So, maybe my thoughts on dating an actor are naive? What do you think, let me know @TanyaRad!


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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