Jennifer Aniston Hates This When It Comes To Dating


Jennifer Aniston has been back on the market now for a little and she's been opening up about her current dating situation. As far as if she is current dating, that's a negative. She's very, very busy and just doesn't have the time.

But, the she revealed something that I found to be, well, quite interesting. She does NOT like being set up, she actually hates it. In my humble opinion a set up is TOTALLY the move when you're single.

Let me tell you why...

  1. Mutual built-in friend that are invested in your relationship, a total plus.
  2. You don't have to worry about stranger danger because you'd already done the vetting.
  3. You can do ALL the pre-stalking and googling you need because you have all the info.
  4. You have someone to go on double dates with when things are going good.
  5. You have someone to ask questions to when you need more intel.

Let me know your thoughts on being set up! @TanyaRad on socials.


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