My Biggest Fear Recently Happened To Demi Moore


Demi Moore is single by choice! She was recently on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and she was talking about taking a break in the romance department. She actually stated, "I'm single by choice." Ellen asked her if she was on any dating apps, like Raya, but Demi admitted she wasn't.

I actually really want to hone in on something she said after her spilt from Ashton Kutcher 6 years ago, "I lost me. I think the thing if I were to look back, I would say I blinded myself and I lost myself."


This is my biggest fear in a relationship. I have been in this place before in a relationship where I let all my needs and wants fall to the side. Truly I didn't even know what made me happy anymore because it was all about him.

I stopped hanging with my friends, didn't know what hobbies I had, it was dark. I think that's the thing I focus on so much even when I'm newly dating someone, keeping my "Tanya Time" every day, keeping dates with my friends.

I feel like once you fall into that hole it's hard to dig yourself out, but how do you do this when you get married.


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