Halsey Has A New Album On The Way & Here's What We Know So Far


Halsey just released her latest single "Graveyard" - which by the way, I DEF had added to at least 200 of the streams of this song, I cannot get enough. But, we are entering into a new era of Halsey, let me tell you why.

Her next album will be released on January 17th, 2020 - new year, new girl?! This is Halsey's first album as, "Ashley" which is her real name! The first song she wrote as Ashley was, "Without Me."

Most of her past albums are actually "concept albums." So, she writes with her character, but now we are getting SANS character. No wig, no character, just Halsey or should I say Ashley.


Also the cover art to this album is VERY symbolic for two reasons. First off, her hair on the cover is multicolored. Let's examine those colors and why each is symbolic - blue (the color of her past album Badlands), red and yellow (the color of her past album Hopeless Fountain Kingdom) and then just her normal hair (representing her new album as Ashley). Second, fans are suggesting her hair is the color of the brain in a manic state.

If "Graveyard" is any preview of what to expect from the entire album then boy are we in for a REAL treat.


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