There Is One Word Lizzo Doesn't Want You To Use When Talking About Her


Lizzo, she's not just a pop star, she's a pioneer truly. She's a major leader in the body-positivity movement! A lot of people are saying that Lizzo's career-defining performance was back in June when she performed "Truth Hurts" at The BET Awards.

But, Lizzo did an interview with Glamour and look what she said, "When people look at my body and be like, 'Oh my God, she's so brave,' it's like, 'No, I'm not,'" Lizzo, 31, tells Glamour. "I'm just fine. I'm just me. I'm just sexy. If you saw Anne Hathaway in a bikini on a billboard, you wouldn't call her brave. I just think there's a double standard when it comes to women."

This really struck I had to take a minute to soak it in and, that's good!


Lizzo is really trying to break the stigma that it's somehow miraculous for a plus-size woman to have confidence. I read this entire Glamour article and I was like she is so right! Confidence isn't a reflection of how you look - it's how you FEEL.

I am SO grateful to be living at a time where there are people like Lizzo out there not jus talking about confidence, but totally embodying it.


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