Can You Believe Alex Rodriguez Is On Team "Finsta" With Me?


You guys may know I am the proud owner of a "finsta!" Which I use this account to look at stories freely, sans judgement. It's such a liberating feeling tbh. Well, there's actually a famous celeb that admitted to having a finsta, but he has his for a totally different reason and it's kinda brilliant.

So, Alex Rodriguez has a finsta to keep tabs on his daughter! His daughters are 11-years-old and 14-years-old and don't want their Dad following them on social media. I am guessing they probably blocked his account or muted him, but that won't stop A-Rod! He has his "Dad burner account."

I loved this story because I have threatened to block my Mom from my stories unless she stopped asking me questions about everything I posted. And this is news to all of you out there who have blocked or muted your parents, trust me they will find a way!


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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