Miley Cyrus Debuted Something New This Week & We Must Discuss


I want to talk with you guys about the MAJOR moment I am currently have with Miley Cyrus. So, she released her single "Slide Away," which IMO is one of the greatest songs she has ever released. It is just so raw, real and vulnerable - while remaining pure, basically everything I LOVE about music.

If you haven't heard the song yet you're seriously missing out....


So, Miley debuted a breakup tattoo which was done by LA tattoo artist Winter Stone. Her new ink reads, "My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free." It's actually lyrics from a song by the Pixie's titled "The Thing." The tattoo is on her left bicep, which has left fans thinking is a symbol that Miley has come out of the split stronger.

But, can I tell you why I'm have this MAJOR Miley moment? I just love that she is her. She's releasing statements about her life straight on her Insta. No watered-down, publicist memo to the magazines! She's giving us fans a straight shot into her life and I am here for it.


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