Former 'Bachelorette' Contestant Tyler Was Spotted On Date With Gigi Hadid


We need to discuss *now* former Bachelorette contestant Tyler C. First, off who could forget that Gigi Hadid followed him on Instagram. That probably was our first clue. But, then over the weekend Tyler was spotted with Hannah, yes our former Bachelorette.

So, why was Tyler spotted at Brooklyn's Soho House on Sunday with Gigi Hadid?!


Fans are loosing their minds over it because he was JUST with Hannah in Los Angeles. She invited him over for drinks during The Bachelorette finale.

Tyler did recently say he wasn't ready for a relationship with Hannah. He recently said “We need to take it very slowly and we need to just have a drink and see how we are around each other. If we were to just rush into something right away and try and be boyfriend and girlfriend right after the final rose, it would not be healthy for us, it wouldn’t be good.”

So, maybe he's just having fun and testing the waters by dating around? If that was a date with Gigi. What do you think about all this?! 🤔


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