Is Taylor Swift Going To Drop Some Serious Girl Power Collabs?


Capital One dropped a new commercial staring our girl Taylor Swift! In the 30-second commercial Taylor was able to leave some Easter eggs for her Swifities! The biggest thing we picked up on was the amount of fours. The number four and Katy Perry were referenced everywhere!

In the commercial Taylor is working at a diner and serves someone a burger and fries. Remember, Katy Perry was a burger at the Met Gala and a burger in Tay's latest music vid! So, we are at the conclusion that track four on Lover is a collab with Katy Perry.


And this next one might be a stretch but I'm SOOOO here for it because I am obsessed with both of them. Ariana Grande did a tweet and delete, she posted a picture of herself with just the bow and arrow emoji which is the symbol for Taylor Swift's latest single "The Archer."

So, fans are all in a tizzy that this was a subtle nod to Tay and that these two could be collabing! I guess only time will tell, but this is some MAJOR girl power.

Peep that Capital One commercial below...


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