'Bachelorette' Finale Airs Tonight & We Have Questions We Need Answered

Warning Bachelorette spoilers ahead...


So, part one of The Bachelorette finale was last night! FYI I actually did not watch it since "Lucky Charm" is in town. 🤗 But, I am fully prepped on what went down on the episode.

Tonight is the finale episode of the season, we are left with Tyler C and Jed! Who will it be? Hannah's fam loves Tyler, they aren't so much on the Jed train. America is in love with Tyler, also not so much on the Jed train.


I have a prediction that she picks the guy we all don't want her to pick, but since has spilt for him. I feel like she could be single right now. That being said I made a list of questions myself and "Bachelor Nation" hope to have answered tonight:

  • Is Hannah engaged?
  • Did she really believe her husband was in the final three?
  • When did she find out about Jed and the girlfriend?
  • Did she know about Peter's girlfriend?
  • And if she is currently single, would she do the show again?

We find out TONIGHT! 🌹


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