Jake Gyllenhaal Revealed Something That'll Make Your Heart Burst


Jake Gyllenhaal was recently doing an interview for his Broadway play "Sea Wall/ A Life" which is all about faith and family, plus his character is about to become a father. And Jake said this one line that just made my ovaries basically explode, "I do hope to be a father one day."

So, I decided to really do a deep dive into the life of Jake Gyllenhaal. He's an uncle to his sister's two girls and the godfather to Michelle Williams 13-year-old daughter Matilda!


Jake is thirty-eight and a Sagittarius. So, Miss Tati thinks he'd be perfect with a Libra, Aries or Gemini. Here are some celeb suggestions...

  • Libra: Dakota Johnson (if her and Chris Martin are splitz)
  • Gemini: Lana Del Rey
  • Aries: Lady Gaga or Kourtney Kardashian

He's actually still friends with his ex Reese Witherspoon which is cool that he can do this, it shows his mature nature. He's had a long-standing crush on Jennifer Aniston so I feel like he's into the girl next door vibe.


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