A Body Language Expert Weighed In On One Of Bachelorette Hannah's Last Men


Blanca Cobb is a body language expert and she picked up a very key point during Hannah B's interactions with one of the remaining men. Just a reminder who we have left - Peter, Tyler and Jed.

So, one thing in particular that Blanca points out is how this guy hugs her. When someone is into you they will not give you a hug with their hands clenched tightly like Jeds were! Rather they will be bringing you in with their hands open on your lower back.

I am SO worried Hannah is going to pick Jed because we always want what we can't have and I feel like she weirdly likes how aloof he is! Also there are some conspiracies out there that Tyler is trying to win her back. Have you seen all of his social media love for her? So, if she did in fact pick Jed I hope she changes her mind and goes back for Tyler! We'll have to wait and see!


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Tanya Rad

Tanya Rad

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