'Bachelorette' Hannah Did Something That Has Not Been Done Before

Warning Bachelorette spoilers ahead...


Last night Hannah B went to meet the families of the following guys: Peter the pilot, Tyler, Luke P and Jed! *MOST* of the hometowns went swimmingly, minus Jeds. The convo between Hannah, Jed's mom and sister was cringe-worthy. They both basically told Hannah that his music career is his main focus right now and they were not super encouraging.

Here's where Hannah comes in with the total show TWIST. Like, I don't think, to my knowledge, that this has ever been done before. She decided not to send anyone home last night and keep all four men for fantasy suite dates.


But, here was my "WHAT THE QUWAH" moment. Why, why, WHY do we always fight the difficult path? Why did Hannah keep Jed around? When clearly the family gave her a giant warning. Yet, we don't listen to this massive message and see the red flags?

Not to mention there have been all these cheating rumors surrounding Jed. He did finally address them and said he couldn't really discuss it now, but he will eventually and to stop bullying his family.

It's been a SUPER interesting season. I ultimately can't wait to see who Hannah ends up with!


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