Want To Know What Celeb Shawn Mendes Is Crushing On These Days?


Okay, I love hearing celebs admit who THEIR celeb crushes are! Recently Shawn Mendes revealed his celeb crush and I'm here for this. He shared, "I really just do love Emma Watson still! I'll tell her that. When I met her, I was really embarrassed."

If you're a Shawn Mendes fan you may have know he's had a crush on her that he admitted in 2016. Peep this tweet...


Happy to hear three years later he's still crushing hard on Emma! Naturally, I did some digging and noticed Shawn doesn't follow Emma on Insta. My suggestion for Shawn...follow Emma on Insta maybe drop a comment or two on her posts, grab her attention. Then the good old slide into her DMs. Worth a shot right?


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Tanya Rad

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