I Have To Share My Top Moments From The Jonas Brothers' Documentary


The Jonas Brothers' documentary Chasing Happiness is officially out and it answered a lot of questions that even the biggest JoBro stans didn't know.

Some things the documentary touched upon...their early childhood, the falling out with their church and how being mocked about their purity rings affected them. And most importantly...how LOVE helped propel their reunion.


But to me the 3 best / most gut-wrenching scenes were...

1) When Joe Starts to ball I lost my control and just started balling. It was so raw and real and SO heartbreaking to watch. I love him even more after this!

2) This scene where Joe, Kevin and Nick are in the car and Kevin is on the phone with his wife Danielle. it is such a true depiction of how you would think annoying kid brothers would be when you are on the phone with a girl! But, the OMG moment was when Joe and Nick both said, "He's on the phone with his wife!" I Literally almost fell out of my chair!

3) When Joe said, "I would do anything just to see Sophie for just 1 hour"...I literally DIED. Just dead, RIP me. Everyone deserves to be loved like this.


If you haven't seen the docu yet you NEED to watch it. I just LOVEEE these brothers! ♥️


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Tanya Rad

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